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Lebron James
Lebron James

Lebron James Height 203 cm (according to his teammates said he has a 206 cm), weighing 113 kg, in his main position of small forward or guard positions tend to have a dominant figure, he also has good speed, jumping ability and physical confrontation capacity, which can sometimes make him hit the power forward position.
His main means of scoring is cut layup, dunk, often resulting three-point play; Meanwhile, James's mid-range jumper also matured, he has become conventional weapons; threes and honed through years and years of accumulation, hit rate has exceeded more than four percent; he has excellent ability rebounds and assists, both career average data were about 7, steals and blocks the results are not bad, explains that he is a versatile player, but he free throws poorly, averaging only get nine free throws ball dropped 6.7, about 75% hit rate.
Cheap Lerborn Shoes is also very good defensive awareness, the game can often see him flying blocks from the rear, or fast-break dunk after a steal, even after grabbing a defensive rebound himself can take the fast break points, the speed of his guard can quickly attack and defense conversion, he also has a very good ball-handling skills and the audience perspective, often assume the role of point guard, and in this position he has great stature advantage of his rival's attack can often attract two to three players double-team defense, while there are selfless sharing his balls awareness and good passing skills, so many opportunities for his teammates to get a neutral shot.
Cheap Lebron James Shoes has spilled magnesium pregame ceremony in Cleveland during this action to attract the attention of many fans and became one of his trademarks. Fighting at home often have tens of thousands of fans spilled magnesium powder together, very spectacular.